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The most insightful, automated network management software in the universe.

The solutions of choice for medium and large multi-vendor networks in need of deep,
proactive network management and customizable, comprehensive reporting.

“Entuity monitors the network in real time, and it has allowed us to keep customer satisfaction at high levels by giving them deep insight into what’s happening on the network. We’re impressed with Entuity’s capabilities and believe its well-designed architecture suits our business model very well.”

Matt Whitaker
Service Management Centre Senior Engineer

Tait Communications

“The improvements to topology maps in Entuity 16 really stand out for us. We’ve used them for a long time for monitoring and troubleshooting with a lot of success, but the changes in this latest release bring them to a whole new level. The visibility is deeper, the features are richer and easier to use, and the performance is lighting fast. I can easily see us expanding our use of them for more proactive management.”

Stegen Smith
Sr. Network Engineer


“Entuity and its integration with BMC TrueSight allowed us to consolidate a lot of functionality that used to be spread out across many locations. It helped us move from a disjointed set of tools that were expensive to manage, to a centralized way of monitoring the entire network consistently, proactively, and efficiently.”

Andrzej Ciupa
Monitoring & Remote Operations Manager


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Are you sacrificing time, agility, scalability, and functionality using an outdated NMS with an inflexible architecture? Why, when you could be using Entuity?

Also, what would it mean for your organization if you had a solution that closed a critical gap between applications and network infrastructure?

Find the answers in these Entuity and SurePath overview videos…

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Time to Install - 30 minutes

Out of the box reports - over 100

Number of countries deployed - over 40

Number of Consultants Required - 0

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