Digital Analytics For Your Network

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Visualize your network

Stop issues before they impact operations with real-time visibility and auto discovery of your entire network.

Monitor your network

Proactively identify and isolate events and policy violations based on your pre-defined rules. Reduce MTTR.

Manage your network

Easily scale and configure your network to keep pace with your agile enterprise, whether cloud or hybrid.

Entuity Network Management for Enterprises

Deep Visibility, Automated Discovery

Deliver continuous network service.

“Entuity proactively highlighted areas to address before they became service-impacting issues, allowing us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.”

Kristin Morris, Manager Network Management Applications, Dell Services

Enterprise-Class Network Management

Flexibility, scalability, reporting for the agile enterprise.

“It is vital that our network is running to the best of its availability at all times. Entuity has enabled us to make effective use of capacity, as well as identify faults before they have had any significant impact.”

Manager of Network Projects, Large European Financial Services Company

Enterprise class network management, all-in-one solution
Network management, all-in-one.

Unified, All-in-One Solution

Easy to deploy.
Easy to manage.

“Entuity satisfied our network management system requirements with its all-in-one solution—minimizing the number of tools we need, helping us manage our costs and deliver services more effectively.”

Mike Faust, Design Engineer, University of Minnesota