For the most demanding organizations worldwide.

        • Extensive automation
        • Deep visibility just a few clicks away
        • New devices and technologies added on demand
        • Massive scalability with no loss of coverage
        • Actionable reports your boss will love
        • Seamless integration with key industry platforms and third party systems

What makes Entuity different?

  • Automation, automation, automation! (did we say automation?)
  • No integrating functional areas
  • Plug and play scalability
  • Unlimited access to data (hey, it’s your data, right?)
  • Installs and starts discovering in less than 30 minutes

“Entuity proactively highlighted areas of focus to address before they became service impacting issues. This allowed us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.”

—Perot Systems/Dell

“We have attained high levels of application responsiveness that allows our employees to work far more productively. The number of end user issues has been reduced by more than half.”

—Josh Pelosi, Sr. IT Operator, Pernod Ricard

“Entuity is quick to respond to our hardware vendor interoperability requests and we appreciate how they continually adapt to shifts in technology. For us to have a software vendor that always improves its product is instrumental to our continued success as an IT organization.”

—Paul Du Plessis, Discovery IT Communications Manager (May 2014)