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A collection of the latest Entuity documents and videos

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These links provide a solid basic understanding of the unified Entuity Network Management solution. The rest of the items on this page will allow you to explore Entuity in more depth and augment your understanding of this award winning solution for monitoring and managing today's vitally important network infrastructure.

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Architecture white paper thumbnailThe Six Things You Should Know for More Efficient Network Management
Does your network management solution easily adapt to change or are you afraid to touch it for fear that something will break? Are you worried about the growing effort it takes just to keep your network management system alive? If so, you need a new network management system, one that is extensible, agile, efficient, and scalable. This white paper explains why network management architecture makes all the difference for improving operational efficiency and lowering total cost of ownership. It also discusses how Entuity’s unique architecture is specifically designed to handle the demands of today’s rapidly changing networks.  Download now...


Coverage white paper thumbnail

Enterprise Management Associates: The Mandate for Unified Network Management
Many so-called unified network management products may sound similar on paper, but there are distinct differences that are important when considering how to best meet the needs of IT planning and operations. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) white paper examines the business and technical demands behind unified network management and what is truly meant by and possible via a unified network management approach. This paper also examines an exemplary solution offered by Entuity, including case examples of how the solution has been deployed as unified network management within live production environments. Download now...


Coverage white paper thumbnail

Network Management 2012: Covering Your Assets while Maximizing Operational Efficiency
Find out how your network may be costing you money - by doing nothing. This whitepaper from Entuity addresses how IT organizations can review specific areas of the network to discover hidden costs or unseen performance issues. The paper also provides some valuable techniques that turn these hidden costs into savings using Entuity. Download now...


EMA Research Brief ThumbnailResearch Summary: Network Management Megatrends 2012
In February 2012, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) published a landmark study of the drivers, issues, and priorities for network managers and network management tools, technologies, and practices, entitled Network Management 2012: Megatrends in Technology, Organization, and Process. This EMA Research Brief recaps several of the major findings of the report and includes two related case studies where network management tools deployed include the Entuity Network Management solution. Download now...

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Data Sheet Thumbnail

Entuity is an all-in-one network management solution that offers network staff and management full control over their converged networks. Entuity automates network management processes in a single, integrated product for inventory and topology; faults and events; port, device and flow-based performance; and configuration monitoring. Entuity has been highly acclaimed for its rapid deployment, ease of use, low cost of ownership, technological sophistication and openness to integration with other management systems in an enterprise. Download now...

IFA Premium Datasheet Thumb

Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium
Entuity offers two flow-based solutions that are built into the Entuity product and complement its element monitoring capabilities. The first, Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA), is included in the Entuity base product at no extra charge. IFA is suitable for basic traffic troubleshooting over a small number of interfaces. The second, Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium (IFAP), is an easy-to-use yet powerful flow monitoring and traffic analysis solution for those who want richer, deeper insight about network traffic over a small to medium number of interfaces.  Read more...

SurePath ThumbnailSurePath
Entuity SurePath uses patented algorithms to automatically discover— in real-time —the exact path(s) that interconnect clients and servers (or servers and servers) responsible for delivering an application service between two points anywhere on the network, with layer 2 and 3 visibility. Fast and accurate, SurePath reports back every device and port that can be found in the path in less than 30 seconds. It is ideal forthosebusinesses wanting a practical solution for monitoring paths for a subset of important applications and representative users. Read more...


Latest Entuity Features and Benefits Matrix

Features and Benefits Matrix for the Latest Entuity Release
Major releases of the Entuity solution are published twice per year. This document highlights the major features and benefits of the latest release. Download now...



Features by Release ThumbnailEntuity NetFlow Comparison Matrix
Entuity offers different levels of flow-based monitoring software for different requirements and skill levels. This simple matrix will show you the capabilities of the no charge Integrated Flow Analyzer and the optional Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium. Download now...


Features by Release ThumbnailEntuity/ENMA Features by Release
This one page document will show you the major features of each recent release. If you're still running an older version of the software, this one pager will show you what you're missing. Download now...



Product Brief Thumbnail

Entuity Deployment for High Availability
Many businesses that depend on High Availability (HA) of their IT infrastructure put processes in place to ensure minimal down time of their Network Management System (NMS).

There are a variety of methods to achieve High Availability of the computer hardware and software supporting the Network Management System.  Similar to the various personal insurance plans we are familiar with, there are options.  There are economical HA NMS plans that provide basic coverage, costly plans that provide extensive coverage, and a range of plans that fit somewhere in between.  The costs of extended HA coverage come in the form of disciplined operational processes, specialized HA hardware, and specialized application software architectures.

This product brief describes some of the basic requirements of a HA NMS and supported solutions to achieve HA for Entuity Network Management. Download now...

Product Brief ThumbnailEntuity's Future-Proof Architecture
As an integral part of Entuity’s industry leading IT infrastructure management solution, StormWorks is a development engine designed to integrate new classes of IT entities into the Entuity management environment, quickly and with a minimum of coding.

StormWorks provides the core platform for a set of services associated with data gathering, storage and presentation. These services eliminate the complexity of writing network and systems management applications similar in manner to the way in which an Operating System eliminates the complexity of the hardware platform on which it runs. It allows development of new configurations to manage new IT infrastructure entities with relatively few lines of text code, and by doing so, dramatically reduces development time from the months or years that hard coding can take.

This product brief describes some of the more important aspects of the underlying Entuity architecture and development engine. Download now...

No Network. No Cloud.


EMA Impact BriefEMA Impact Brief: Entuity Embraces Event Management
In June 2013, Entuity announced the release of Entuity 13.5, marking the latest evolutionary edition of its solution for enterprise class network and infrastructure management. While the release included a number of important incremental enhancements, it also included a substantial new set of functionalities for advanced event management. Capping a multiyear research and development effort, the new events system offers rule-based customizable interpretation and actions based on both asynchronous and synchronous data streams, filling important gaps in turning monitoring data into operational intelligence. Read more...

Network Testing Labs World Class AwardNetwork Testing Lab Entuity Product Review
Entuity is feature-complete, reliable, inexpensive, scalable and easy to use. It supports virtually every kind of device, computer and network link. It recognizes applications, clouds and virtual machines. Entuity excels at keeping a network up and running with maximum uptime and availability for critical servers and connections. Entuity’s greatest strengths are its breadth of support for network objects, its highly-scalable federated architecture and its sophisticated Web browser-based user interface. Entuity is a single product that you operate with a single console – unlike most other network monitors. It’s enterprise-ready, easy to install and intuitive to use. Entuity 12.5 earns the Network Testing Labs World Class Award for best enterprise-level network monitor. Read more...

EMA Impact Brief:Entuity Entuity 2011 Paves Private Cloud Path
In late November 2010, Entuity announced the availability of a major upgrade to its network management solution, EYE Enterprise 2011. The release adds significant new functionality specifically designed to aid organizations needing to adapt network management strategies to accommodate virtualization within data centers as well as make progress on the path towards internal private Cloud. Enhancements have also been made for further leveraging application aware monitoring sources, such as IP SLA and NetFlow, improving overall system efficacy through a  new browser-based operator interface, and substantially refreshed reporting capabilities. Further, the release includes a long list of workflow and visibility improvements. Read more...

IAIT Product Test: Eye of the Storm 2011 Enterprise 
With Eye of the Storm 2011 Enterprise, Entuity offers a network management solution for data centers which monitors network components using SNMP and similar technologies, analyzes data transfers within the network, and provides administrators visibility to applications, SLAs, and virtual infrastructures. IAIT closely examined the product, paying particular attention to newly added features of this software solution. Read more...

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