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Network Testing Labs Entuity Product Review

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Entuity’s All-in-one Solution Receives Highest Praise from Network Testing Labs Product Review
"We’ve found an absolute gem – a feature-rich, eminently scalable, sophisticated and enterprise-ready network monitor."
- Network Testing Labs

Executive Summary
Network Testing Labs World Class AwardEntuity 12.5 is feature-complete, reliable, inexpensive, scalable and easy to use. It supports virtually every kind of device, computer and network link. It recognizes applications, clouds and virtual machines.

Entuity 12.5 excels at keeping a network up and running with maximum uptime and availability for critical servers and connections.

Entuity 12.5’s greatest strengths are its breadth of support for network objects, its highly-scalable federated architecture and its sophisticated browser-based user interface.

Entuity 12.5 is a single product that you operate with a single console – unlike most other network monitors. It’s enterprise-ready, easy to install and intuitive to use.

Entuity 12.5 earns the Network Testing Labs World Class Award for best enterprise-level network monitor.



Entuity Overview Video...

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What makes Entuity different?

Find out why Entuity's agile, extensible and scalable architecture makes it different from all other network management solutions!
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