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Grant Systems - Entuity Reseller

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Crown House 72 Hammersmith
W14 8TH Hammersmith
United Kingdom

Grant Systems partners with Entuity to supply the best of class products that would appeal to the Network Manager, the Network Operations Center, Network Designer, Network Planner and Line Managers within any reasonably sized organization. Grant Systems offers a wide range of products and services to satisfy the needs of the largest banks and telecommunications companies, the legal market, and the education and health sectors. Grant Systems finds Eye of the Storm is a good fit for any organization that has a network large enough to make it difficult to manage the quantity of events emanating from it.

"Eye of the Storm® consistently impresses our clients." said David Naber, Director of Grant Systems "We have found Eye of the Storm® has proven it’s value at every client’s site within days of installation."

+44(0) 207-559-9778

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Find out why Entuity's agile, extensible and scalable architecture makes it different from all other network management solutions!
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