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Entuity Product Architecture

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The Six Things You Need for More Efficient Network Management

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the thought of expanding your network or adding technologies scare you because it may all fall apart like a “house of cards” either because of scale or new technology?
  • Are you worried about the growing effort it takes just to keep your network management system alive?

If you answered yes to either of the above, you need a new network management system, one with an extensible, agile, efficient, and scalable architecture consisting of these key elements:

All in One Network Management1. All-in-One Network Management

Entuity is efficient by design. It’s not a collection of products bolted together—it’s a unified solution with all the core functionality you need to run the network in a lot less time. Entuity creates a layer of abstraction between users and the underlying architecture, shielding them from the complexities of managing servers, interconnections, and databases for a virtual view of the network.

2. Uniform Federated Architecture

Entuity all-in-one network management is built on an extensible, peer-to-peer federated architecture. All of Entuity’s core functions have identical demands of and connections to the underlying architecture. This allows scaling to be done simply by adding instances of the all-in-one server.

3. Uniform Data Schema

A network management system is only as good as the data it collects and exposes, and its effectiveness at turning that data into actionable insight. If the data is organized differently by each product (for example, at different time intervals), it is extremely difficult or impossible to correlate it in a meaningful way. That’s because the data is fragmented and requires labor-intensive integration efforts to build a complete picture of what’s happening on the network. In addition, changes to a node must be manually input to each product individually.


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4. Extensible,Agile Processing Engine

Like the architecture, architectural elements must be agile to enable fast response to change. Legacy network management solutions, which generally require hard coding changes to data models, are not built to rapidly adapt. Entuity’s extensible processing engine is designed to integrate new classes of infrastructure entities into the Entuity management environment. This enables Entuity to define object models upon a customer’s request and to quickly add support for the desired technologies.

5. Central License Server and Flexible Pricing

Licensing using legacy network management systems can be a frustrating and cumbersome task in enterprise environments, involving the coordination of many different products, databases, and devices. Depending on your requirements, it can also be very expensive due to inflexible pricing structures of legacy solutions, which require huge upfront costs for licensing. The process becomes even more difficult as you scale the network.

6. Virtualized Network Management Server

Many businesses that depend on High Availability (HA) of their IT infrastructures put processes in place to ensure minimal down time of their network management systems. Some vendors require physical appliances and physical servers for management functionality, which is much harder to change and deploy. Capital equipment costs are also higher when dedicated physical hardware is needed.

Other Considerations

At Entuity we believe that the data we collect belongs to our customers, so we make it as simple as possible to share data within the larger context that they are working in. Entuity is the only network management company to enable customers to pull out all of the data collected by Entuity into any application of their choice. We export our entire database to MySQL, and readily integrate with other tools and products to address each organization’s distinct business and IT environments. And we do all of this without causing more work or requiring expensive service consultants to address integration shortfalls. Find out more about Entuity's extensive integrations...

Big Picture
Entuity is efficient by design—built to dramatically reduce the complexity of network management. It’s extensible, agile, and unified architecture enables change to accommodate growth, scales without limit, and easily integrates with the larger IT environment. By shielding network administrators and users from the underlying architecture, Entuity simplifies management, dramatically increases operational efficiency, and lowers total cost of ownership.

Architecture white paper thumbnail

Download a full copy of The Six Things You Need for More Efficient Network Management Now...


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